Why yes, I realize I hadn’t posted anything new last week. You see, I have maxed out the hard drive on my new laptop. How does one do this, when PizzaMan specifically said “you should never have to worry about disk space on this computer.” PizzaMan is a professional geek. I don’t have to know anything about how any of it works, because that’s his department. So when I realized I didn’t have enough memory to back up ACDSee, I whined, I cried, I actually made a few real dinners, and he bought me an 1 TB EHD. Supposedly that’s big, but I can’t do the metric system math.

So he opened the box, put the thing on my desk, and gave me the paperwork to go with it. Hello! Momma don’t do installations! I mean really, does he think I sit around reading blogs, eating bon bons and buying craft supplies all day? I cook, I clean, I do laundry, I shop (note to self, we’re out of bon bons). I do not need to know how to make things work. I don’t know how the car works or the electricity for that matter. Science was never my strong point. Anyway, he did eventually set it up for me and now I can resume downloading and picture taking and, well, I was never actually hindered in blog posting, but I’m really good at procrastinating. I’m sorry.

In other news, I’m hitting the road! I took a little road trip last week to have lunch with my friend Margie, and to visit Craft Fancy in Arlington Heights. I’ll be part of their demo weekend March 28, showing off the Wizard of course, and doing Make and Takes along with Michelle Konack of Crafty Secrets. Before that, I’ll be in Pleasanton, CA, teaching at the Scrapbook Expo! Check it out and sign up for the classes, hosted by Scrap Mart. I’m teaching Card Free For All and Totally Techniques!

While at Craft Fancy I found tons of stuff, it’s a great store. They have 7Gypsies, Tim’s stamps, lots of books and magazines and its packed full of products but its neat and tidy and easy to find everything. I got some papers and embellishments from Creative Imaginations’ Busted line, they always seem to come out with just what I need. I will do a layout with these, cuz there’s a story to tell. Poor Spunky…tee-hee!

Beth and Cindy

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  1. It was great having lunch w/ ya! We have to do this more often :0) Hope the CA trip was great…well, at least warmer! LOL!!See you tomorrow w/ the purple machine in tow! Getting excited!!

  2. I’m just laughing out loud at your funny post! Too cute! 🙂

  3. PizzaMan (aka Cindy’s Dadyy who spoils her rotten) makes the best pizzas ever! Uncle Pizzaman rocks!

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