A Birthday Card

I’ve got a post-n-run (or not run) today.  Here’s a birthday card I put together in a jiffy for Stacey Caron’s birthday on the Spellbinders Blog today.

The base is from Grand Squares, the distressed flower is newsprint patterned paper spritzed with Glimmer Mists, and the polka dot paper is from Fancy Pants Designs, Delicate Dots cut/embossed with Grand Scalloped Squares.  The Fancy Tag is the opposite side of the same paper.  The leaves were from leftover paper from my Altered Purse project on SCRAPBOOK ADHESIVES BY 3L™’s Blog, and cut/embossed with On The Vine in my Grand Calibur™.

So when your 9-year-old nephew hassles you to post on the blog, (Sup, dawg?) you know you’ve been a little behind.  So I do apologize, Here are my top 10 excuses.

1. Holidays.

2. Crazy-busy CHA Prep with Spellbinders – don’t miss the Sneak Peeks next week!!  This is the BEST collection we’ve ever had.  Seriously!

3. Crazy-insane-busy big project with Spellbinders.

4. Hour long visits for Chiro/PT so I can get back on the treadmill and faster than 3.6.  Who knew I was so messed up? And could someone find my metabolism?

5. Did I mention crazy-busy?  Can I get some volunteers to un-deck the halls?  Or should I leave the Christmas trees up until February, like last year?

6. Mountains of laundry, organized unions of dust bunnies, and other random distracting items. No photos, too scary!

7. A new website for my blog.  Yeah, DH got me all set up and I started fussing and now I’m kinda stuck in decision-making paralysis on a few things. I know, just do it and keep fixing as I go along. When I get a spare moment of sanity, I will.  Be gentle on me!

8.  I just can’t decide on my OLW.  Not that I have made it past a few days, but it seems like a good idea.  So far “DUH” is the front-runner.

9. Couponing.  Is it worth the 2 hours of time setting up my store card, printing and clipping coupons, to spend another 2 hours in the store making sure I’ve got the right products and sizes, to save $15?  I love the thrill of saving $$, just not convinced its worth the effort or time involved.

10. Girlfriend.  She’s like 55 in dog years, according to the chart at the vet, but she is still acting like a silly puppy! Such an attention hog! But she’s not as fat as I expected (a round 58 lbs) while remaining significantly happy.



7 responses to “A Birthday Card

  1. Beautiful card. I love the flowers, must try. Leave the tree up as long as you like, I do. LOL

  2. A stunner of a handmade rose on your card. #6 i’m definitely with on the the laundry thing.

  3. 9 y/o nephew gleefully responds with a photo text up the snoot and word (of warning) to the cousins that he’s angling to overnight there!

  4. Great card Beth!!! You are so talented. I think your metabolism ran away somewhere with mine. Hopefully we’ll get it back soon!

  5. 2 & 3 – I so hear you!!!
    6 – In denial…Christmas tree on the floor on its way downstairs…don’t ask about the rest.
    8 – can’t decided so skip…LOL!!
    10 – GF is a snowbunny! TOO CUTE!

    Great card – lovin’ that flower! Very cool 🙂

  6. that is really beautiful 🙂

  7. What a great flower!! Those of us at my house are glad to see you back. Glad you survived the holidays, and all the busy stuff the goes on this time of year. Can hardly wait for the new Spellbinders next week. 🙂

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