A Cinderella Story…

Once upon a time there was a family that adopted a Bull Terrier named Willie. They loved him and pampered him and he had a good life. Willie slept in the bed with the older brother, no matter how many times the younger brother switched beds just to snuggle up the big warm bed-hogging dog.
Willie joined the family as an adult dog and he did what he pleased, much to the dismay of his people mommy. He lacked manners. He ran through the house, slept on the furniture, and enjoyed every bit of Bully mayhem he caused.

Fast forward a few years, and the younger brother is a newly wed, with a new house and a nice yard. “We must have a fence around this yard”, he proclaimed. “We must have a dog to go inside of it!” he proclaimed. “Not just any dog, we must have a Bull Terrier!” he proclaimed. “OK”, said his bride, not truly knowing what she was getting herself into, having only heard legends of Willie’s antics.

There was a puppy available, he was 17 weeks old and weighed 17 pounds. Half of that was in his head alone! After several days of observation and many names tossed about, they decided to call the puppy Buster. It was a fitting name.

You may be thinking, I’ve seen that type of dog before. Yep, if you are 29 like me (and have been 29 a few times, like me) you will remember Spuds MacKenzie, the Budweiser Beer dog. Maybe you are thinking of Spot, the Target dog. Yes, both are Bull Terriers. They look so sweet, don’t they? Bull Terriers are described accurately through the breed name. Bull, as in big hard head, body like a potato, and stronger than they think they are. Terrier, a perky, active, wiggly dog. Now put those together (think Tazmanian Devil) and let that run through your living room, circling the coffee table with your favorite shoe in their mouth.

To be continued…

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