A few thoughts from Cindy…

Sure looks cold out there.
Its nice and warm in the sun, next to the heat vent.
I might not go outside again until summer. Yeah, that’s the ticket!
Sure does look cold…
Whatcha say Momma?

Nope, wasn’t me, they must have snuck in while I was sleepin’.

8 responses to “A few thoughts from Cindy…

  1. I love a momma than can speak canine! It is just another one of your creative talents….

  2. She really is the cutest, Beth! Thanks for stopping my blog so I wouldn’t forget to come back. I completely forgot to click on your ‘Follow Me’ bar. That’s the only way I can remember to visit everyone’s blog on mine. I look forward to coming back to see your creations. I loved your die cards!

  3. HA-HA-HA My 8 mo old lab/spaniel mix loves it in the snow. The last couple of days we have had to entice her to comin IN!! And it’s been in the single digits. Crazy animals!

  4. I take Cindy’s side. It’s too cold to go outside. As for the “OOPS” in the living room. I’ll just tell you IT WASN’T ME! You’ll have to investigate to figure out who really did “OOPS”

  5. OMW,she is a cutie!! LOL What a funny post! TFS

  6. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Gotta love it…Cindy, you rock! LOL!!

  7. LOL ! I have 3 Yorkies ( yes , Cindy could use them as chew sticks ! ) and I love dogs so know exactly that is what Cindy is thinking 🙂 TFS ……. what a neat dog ! LOL !

  8. I love this dog! LOL

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