Christmastime with Cindy

Christmas is a special time for children and Bull Terriers.  Remember last Christmas, stealing the stockings

 This year she hasn’t paid any attention to them. 

But she loves the tree.  She was so excited to get the tree out and had to sniff every last branch as we put it up.  Everyone should have such an enthusiastic helper!

Here she’s doing the slow walk under the tree, she is meserized. Her ears go back, she walks very slowly, placing one foot at a time. 

 I wonder what happened to the “old” baskitball(s)?


I have been crazy busy with a huge project, and I’m working on a self hosted site as well.  And someone needs to do some shopping, as you can see, there’s not much under the tree!

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10 responses to “Christmastime with Cindy

  1. Bravo super md

  2. Too funny, pets have lots of fun during the holidays don’t they, you have some fun things going on in your blog space.

  3. Help, please! My DH gave me a Grand Caliber for Christmas and I have no dies since I am new at this diecutting business. Since I am retired and on a limited income, please give me the very basic sets of Nestabilities I need to get started. I would be so very appreciative if you could aid me in this. There are so many dies and I would love, but can’t afford, all of them. Thanks so much.

  4. Calvin says he likes to scratch his back under there too. He keeps bumping into a case of bolgonese sauce though…

  5. Hahaha very funny. I have my own version of this story. It revolves around two very nosy cats! One has already tried to climb the tree. I just put it up last night. And only have the lights on it! I can only imagine what they will do when I get the ornaments on!
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Love it! so cute!

  7. First of all “Cookies for Breakfast” is a wonderful name AND moto. That being said “Cindy” needs Doggie Cookies for her breakfast .. cause she is a cute. Thanks for sharing her with us. Have a Blessed Holiday.

  8. LOL! Love all the pictures of Cindy! I have half the shopping done, but haven’t started on the cards yet.

  9. Great, a HUGE back scratcher for Cindy! LOL!!!
    You are not the only one that needs to go Christmas shopping AND send out cards! Starting tomorrow, I am doing the holiday errands! LOL!!

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