Cindy’s mostly excellent adventure

Cindy had a mostly excellent adventure at PetSmart yesterday.
Cindy decided she needed a new collar, and asked to go to the store. She’d never been to PetSmart, but she’s seen the commercials and wanted to check it out.
They had lots of good smells there.
Lots of treats too! She’ll take one of each, please!
What color goes with white and black spots, Daddy?

Actually, PetSmart on a Sunday was a bit more than she expected. There were many dogs shopping with their people, and the grooming section was busy too. Our friend’s Great Dane was commanding attention in there, and when Cody speaks, everyone has to listen. I think the experience was too much at once for her, and we should try it again at a less busy time. Perhaps she had flashbacks to her earlier life?
Cindy enjoyed the car ride home the most.

Cindy’s Daddy strongly discouraged Cindy’s Mommy from bringing the D-Rebel and didnt’ want to wait for her to change lenses, and Spunky had the small sleek camera, which forced Cindy’s Mommy to use her cell phone camera like a dork . Cindy’s mommy apologizes for the low res photos and will try harder next time.

Cindy would like to wish Sparky a Happy Birthday, and wishes she could go to a restuarant with the family.

Cindy likes to dream big.

7 responses to “Cindy’s mostly excellent adventure

  1. 3woof4usI always have so much fun looking at Cindy…she’s such a character and I do love dogs…thanks for sharing these pics of Cindy with us…senior citizen..pat

  2. Thanks for sharing your lovely doggie photos with us ,really like them!!!

  3. People, you have no idea just how very spoiled this dog is, and not even by Beth. It is the doggie daddy who has made her so rotten.I am the auntie of this beasty-girl and have seen with my own eyes!

  4. I think I LOVECindy Did you know me and Staceyhave a sister named Cindy!!when I read her story all I can think about is my sister haha

  5. This adventure is hysterical!! Love that dog! So what did Sparky get for his birthday? Happy belated birthday to him! xoxo

  6. omg!! love your doggie!!! I have a new rott and a pug named “Patty” they both love to chew cardstock!! tfs!! btw, love your work too! tee hee..

  7. Now, somebody has to make a comment! What a cutie! Murphy has not been shopping for years – probably since he was a pup and we lived in Houston. Here he would have to go to Des Moines and that is an hour away so not so much fun. We don’t have a camera – it was stolen and just never replaced. So, no cute photos of my big guy – 145 pounds of lab mix! Think Great Dane in height sort of! He has lupus and so many allergies he has allergy shots we give him. But, he is doing fine and loves his walks and such. Oh the stories he could tell you though about the ice cream shop nearby that gives doggy cones. Well, it is for sale and he is so upset – he misses going there and esp. his Melissa who gave him a regular people sized freebie and hand fed it to him so he wouldn’t get an ice cream headache! Thanks for sharing!Chris R. from Iowa

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