Dick Blick Demo, etc

While I sitting here waiting for the carpet cleaners to show up, supposely sometime between an hour ago and forever, I need to belly up and post. No silly, I don’t have new art to show off (this week) but its been a busy month and I do have an announcement:

I’ll be demoing Copic Markers this Sunday, May 3 from noon to 2pm at the Dick Blick Wheaton, IL store! Come on out and say hi! Let me know if you would be interested in a Copic class.

In other news, Cindy and the rest of the family had a delightful Easter. The Bunny brought her a nice little basket of goodies. Cindy loves cookies and bunnies, in no particular order.

I celebrated my 29th birthday again this month too. Cake was had by all, and some had more cake than others, right Spunky?

I traveled for Spellbinders twice in April, I met some great people at CKC St. Louis, we taught for 2 days. I also traveled to a trade event in San Francisco, I didn’t get to see the city, but it was a beautiful weekend on the Bay!

Then I got a magazine in the mail.
Hmm, that’s strange, I don’t have a subscription to the Stampers Sampler Catch Up Issue. What’s this? An art comp? Good golly, I’ve been published! They love me, they really love me! Ok, maybe they don’t love me, but they like me enough for page 14 at the top! Thanks Stampington!!!

And a series of these appeared when I downloaded photos. Strange, I’ve never seen this happen in real life, must have been some kind of homework assignment…Now that I know you can do it, Sparky, its going to be a long summer! buhahaha!

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  1. OMGosh!! I missed your DBlick showing?! OY!! Sorry! Hope it went well…reminder to read blogs more often! I’m getting caught up with all my FAV blogs NOW! Happy belated birthday btw! xoxo

  2. Thanks again for more pics of Cindy. Glad you all had fun with the Easter baskets…That Cindy really has a great dogs life..Dogs Rule…pat

  3. Beth,,,,is that boy doing laundry??If so….is he for sale and how much!

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