Have a he{art}

I did it. I made something for me! Its hanging on my door right now! I saw this earlier in the week at TJ Maxx. I was out and about killing time and thinking about shoes when I should have been birthday shopping for Sparky. Yes, I found some shoes! and then this
jumped into my sight. I said no, not another thing to throw in the things to alter pile. But it kept talking to me. So I said FINE in my best teenage mumble and for a mere 5.99 it was mine.

It took its place of honor upon my kitchen counter for a few days. Yesterday it spoke up and said “do me”. Yep that’s what it said. So I cleared my schedule (bon-bons at noon) collected some schtuff from my studio and plunked down at the dining room table.

It was one of those projects that just told me what to do, no serious thinking or mulling or second guessing, it just came together. Even after I ran to Michael’s to get those red Prima’s that I had in my hand and decided against earlier in the week, and then ran to Joann’s because, well, it was there and I had coupons, I still had the mojo to finish it.

In other news, I still have birthday shopping to do for Sparky, who will not be receiving any clothes from me. When he learns how to put the washed, dried and folded clothes away, I might reconsider. But for now, he has a closet but prefers to use the floor, and I prefer not to buy him clothes.

7 responses to “Have a he{art}

  1. I really like what you did with this heart! It’s good to do something for yourself every now and then.

  2. Very beautiful! I love how you finished this!

  3. I too have that HUGE “to be altered” pile sitting in my basement!!! THIS IS KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF GORGEOUS!!!! Ya live in Chicago too? I live on the southside!!! We are neighbors! : )

  4. Beth, This is so cool I can’t wait to see more now !!Christy

  5. Heidi Blankenship

    Beth, your heart turned out Beautifully!! It’s always so wonderful when it speaks to you and it all comes together–I love projects like that! My oldest DS had the same problem for a long time, his close only ever meet the floor but now that he is older and wants to be on the move all the time he’s a little more likely to hang them up. 😉

  6. what a pretty heartHugsNorine

  7. Hey, that heart is BEAUTIFUL!!So you also have a “to be altered” pile! LOL!! I need to dig in there and make something! HA!Yes, DSs have the same problem as yours = OY! When will they ever learn…never?! GASP!! LOL!!Need to get together and do the exchange…also have a little something for you too…need an excuse for lunch? Heehee!!Have a great week :0)

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