Good Golly, I’ve been MIA! Well, not really. I spent last Wednesday through Sunday at CHA with Spellbinders. We had a great show, and I met lots of wonderful store owners and artists that had to see all the new products and all the Sneak Peek artwork.

I was able to drive back home last Thursday night to attend Spunky’s Championship baseball game, his 8th place team played the first place team. The game was close, but Spunky’s team lost in extra innings by one run. All in all, a great season with great coaches and great kids and supportive parents. I can’t ask for more!

Nothing soothes the soul like a trophy and a Krispy Kreme after a tough loss.

Since getting home from CHA late Sunday I’ve been catching up on sleep, and trying to find the kitchen counter tops and the laundry room floor. It seems trolls broke into the house, unbeknown to DH, Sparky, Spunky and Cindy, and ransacked the place pretty good. This has happened before, and I’m sure its the same band of trolls as the last time.

I’ll have more art up, and more Cindy stories soon!

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  1. Hey good to see you post again! I haven’t – LOL!!!Can’t believe how big that “little” guy has gotten! WOW!Thanks for keeping me company @ CHA! It was so good to see you although too short…we NEED to get together! xoxoxo

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