Spellbinders DT contest!

Spellbinders is on the hunt for their 2009 Design Team! All the details are on the blog there!

I’m back from Florida and wondering why I live in the frozen tundra. Its 4 degrees, with a -15 windchill, the garage door was frozen shut, and the salt I put on the driveway blew away. I had to drive Sparky and Spunky to their bus stops. I think its time to move to the Caribbean. But first I have to clean up the house. The boy’s bathroom is almost done being retiled. When its done I can ride the vacuum around upstairs and tackle the dust and clutter downstairs. And someone is going to have to decorate the Christmas tree before Santa comes. Yikes, that ‘s next week, I better get going! This morning, I think I’ll have fudge for breakfast!

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