The most wonderful…

time of the year! For me, that is, not for Cindy and the boys!

Details on this layout can be found at Spellbinders Blog. These photos are from 2001, Spunky and Sparky are not quite so cooperative anymore with first day of school pictures.

4 responses to “The most wonderful…

  1. Sorry I forgot to mention about the darling little fellows..all dressed up and with their lunch and backpacks…it made my heart feel so sad…I remember when I did that for Emily and now she's a grown woman and I didn't do scrapping then so all I have are my memories…the little smiles on their faces touched me to the core.Bless them I hope they have happy lives..just adorable..Cindy too ha ha ha ha hapat

  2. Loved the scrap page just adorable and I can't leave without saying I'm glad to see Cindy again…just love that dog..Keep doing the great stuff…pat

  3. Oh my goodness that picture is priceless!!!! So funny! Your layout is fabulous. 🙂

  4. Love the title! LOL!!!Awww…look at Cindy…poor thing…I'm with ya on the wonderful time (well, except the mornings! UGH!)! Still want to pinch those cheeks ;0P

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