Quick CHA Review

So I’m home from CHA, I’m out of chipper, happy, and helpful, all that’s left is cranky, tired and crabby, but it’s good to be home. Just don’t chew your food so loud, OK? I mean it.

Speaking of home, it has been bachelor fest + Cindy since Sunday, I’m not sure why they needed three sticks of butter out on the counter. I guess man cannot live on bacon alone. There are the remains of some tasty meals, consisting of burgers, something barbequed, a burnt spaghetti noodle in the cooktop, bacon grease, the boilings over from either ramen noodles or Rice a Roni (both a culinary delight) and plenty of splatter and spill. A few threats consisting of gibberish with a hint of cell phone and gas money, and I think I can get the crew to assist in a bit of KP. Did anyone change the towel in the bathroom? Bueller?

OK, while the boys were frolicking in a female free frenzy, I was off to CHA in Rosemont. It’s good to get the Spellbinders™ girls together! We stayed up a little too late, laughed A LOT, ate good food, and maybe had one too many…all after a long day of smiling, demonstrating, and order writing! Saw way too much product that I can’t live without, at the same time feeling like I hardly saw much of the show at all! I will not be driving back to Rosemont for the Super Show, I don’t know if my feet can take another day of pounding the concrete floors.

I have to come up with tomorrow’s Grand Calibur™ blog post, in between trips to the laundry room and maybe a walkie with Cindy. I picked up a few goodies for another giveaway…would anyone be interested in a fabulous t-shirt?  I’ll announce this contest once I get caught up on sleep!

Oh, and check out these! I absolutely had to have the Bull Terrier pendant! These are from Phenominoes – you can even have them put your own picture/design on it!


3 responses to “Quick CHA Review

  1. Looking forward to your Grand post tomorrow!

  2. I know you are tired, but you are one lucky girl….to be able to go to CHA…..what a wonderful time that would be for me!

  3. You are too funny! How did Cindy fare?

    I must have one of those shirts! Pick me! Pick me!!!

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