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Spellbinders DT contest!

Spellbinders is on the hunt for their 2009 Design Team! All the details are on the blog there!

I’m back from Florida and wondering why I live in the frozen tundra. Its 4 degrees, with a -15 windchill, the garage door was frozen shut, and the salt I put on the driveway blew away. I had to drive Sparky and Spunky to their bus stops. I think its time to move to the Caribbean. But first I have to clean up the house. The boy’s bathroom is almost done being retiled. When its done I can ride the vacuum around upstairs and tackle the dust and clutter downstairs. And someone is going to have to decorate the Christmas tree before Santa comes. Yikes, that ‘s next week, I better get going! This morning, I think I’ll have fudge for breakfast!

Eye Candy for Breakfast!

Just a quick post to say head on over to Tim Holtz’s blog. He’s at it again this year, with the 12 tags of Christmas. I love his work, his products, and him! I’ve had the opportunity to take a few classes from him and have learned so much. He’s got tutorials and giveaways each day.

Keep checking in at the new Spellbinder’s Blog, that’s were I have been posting tutorials on the Wizard. I’ll be back with some Cindy photo stories, just as soon as I get back from Florida. I’m going with my BFF “Dude”. I have no idea how the name Dude started, but that’s what we call each other. Her mom, Jude-a-babe, and her BFF are tagging along. I can call her mom Jude-a-babe because Dude and I go wayyyyy back, way back to like 2nd grade, all throught grade school, high school, bridesmaids, children, up to now. I’ll be sure to say hello to the sunshine and 78 degree weather for you all.

Back at the homestead, we’ve got about 2 inches of snow and more in the forecast, chilly cold wind, and one high energy Cindy who does not approve of the weather. Bull Terriers are not built for snow, although they do love a good romp around in it. That is until we get about 3 inches of snow, then we have to shovel a path for her to walk along, so she can take care of Cindy things outside without gettin her entire underside cold. And we have to keep the patio shoveled so she doesn’t bring snow in on her feet. She likes comes in the house to finish the romping, running, and ball playing, around the sofa, nearly missing the Christmas tree, sliding on the wood floor, rebounding off the nice furniture… Good times, good times.