On Lake Time Canvas

Yikes, it’s almost Father’s Day! Here’s a 10 x 10 canvas I made, the tutorial on the Crafty Power Blog for Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L™. I used E-Z Dots® repositional adhesive to hold everything in place with I airbrushed.

Supplies used:

I won’t see my dad tomorrow because I’m taking Sparky to college orientation at

Seriously, when did he grow up?

Yes, we’ve been busy, with this:

Senior Prom


A much-needed vacation in San Francisco!

Happy Fathers Day Dad!

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  1. Great pics!!

  2. Great canvas…I want to be on the lake! LOL!! Great pictures and orientation already…wow, where DID the time go? Just LOVE that picture of those two crackin’ up! Have a great weekend…safe travel down 🙂

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