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Happy Fathers Day, and other stuff…

Have you done your Fathers Day shopping?  Need a last minute gift bag update?  Check out my post at Spellbinders™ today.  Now I have this nice bag, but need to do some shopping!


I’ve been catching up with work stuff, design stuff and the never ending supply of laundry.  We got back from vacation a week ago, the Baseball Trip 2010, which included the fine cities of Houston and Dallas Arlington, Texas. Having baseball freaks for kids and a husband gives me the opportunity to attend a game or 2 in every MLB park!  We’ve got 10 left, I think.  

So grab a snack and enjoy a few highlights of the trip:

Tip #1 – Hand over the camera to a responsible photographer.

Tip #2 Those games are long, stay hydrated and relax.

Tip #3 Visit the local highlights.  That’s a moon rock we’re touching!

Tip #4 Forget shopping when on vacation with males.  It was all sports, all the time.  That’s OK, I made up for it when I got home!

And I’m off for more baseball today!