The Grinch gets a bad rap

For all of you that think the Grinch stole Christmas, I present this evidence:

“I not doin’ nuthin’ Momma.  I’s jus lookin’ at the stockings”

“Dis one looks nice”

“Dis one looks nice too”

“Santa, he’s my favorite!”

“Momma, why you put da Santa up?  I like him..hey, dere’s da Pooh Bear too!”

Need I say more?

Despite her poor manners, Santa came through and brought Cindy a new Nylabone.

I hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season!

Happy New Year!

and welcome to my new blog address!

11 responses to “The Grinch gets a bad rap

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  2. Thanks for the look! Beautiful box, use can vision a lot of ideas for this one….

  3. I think your dog and our dog went to the same school! This year he opened up, one set of ties for my son , one gift bag of dress socks and 2 of his own the week before xmas. It’s his dog so he wasn’t too upset. Sneaky, waits til all are not around.

  4. Hi Beth,

    Thanks for sharing these – they remind me of my brothers male dog Jethro who looks just the same! Great photos.

  5. But Momma, she was just celebrating the season!

  6. LOL!!! So cute!!!!! : ) Happy New Year to you and your family!

  7. She is too cute!! Got to love those furry babys!!

  8. Nice new address. Hopefully I can actually post comments here! I couldn’t do that at the other place.

    Cindy’s so cute!

  9. like your new digs, Beth!

  10. Love it Beth! Cindy is too darn cute!

  11. Ah…love Cindy’s antics! LOL!! Too cute!!